Our Community

The PeopleDSCN0164

We plan to be a community of all ages sharing the values of cooperation and caring for one another and the environment, living peacefully together, and having fun!

The PlaceDSCN0141

Our site is a 2.5 acre property that is about 2 miles from the city center.  Our site plan shows 22 houses built as doubles; an existing free-standing house; a Common House, possibly to include a small living unit; and an existing log cabin and barn, both to be used as common space. Our site is mostly grass, at present, except for the area around the log cabin, which is woodsy and has a pond site and gazebo.  Our homes, ranging from one to four bedroom,  will be around a common green and with a sight line to the Common House.  The Common House will have a kitchen and dining room for optional shared meals during the week, a guest room, children’s room, shared laundry facilities, and meeting room.  The log cabin will be shared as a quieter place, for reading, meditation, yoga, and quiet crafts.  Our community is approved for up to 30 chickens and we will probably keep bees too.  We also anticipate a large community garden.

The Neighborhood

Our neighborhood of single-family homes has many desirable amenities.  On our south border, only a few steps through the trees and down the hill, is a large family YMCA with swimming pools, hot tubs, walking track, exercise equipment, soccer field, as well as many classes and programs for children and adults.  Just south of the Y is the city’s sports fields.  A short walk away to the southwest is a large city park containing woods with walking paths, picnic and playground facilities, and the community gardens and orchard.  To the eastern side of our site is a dedicated forest preserve.  The community site is two blocks away from bus stops and is within a mile of a child development center, three elementary schools, and a high school.

The City and Surrounding Area

Bloomington is a progressive city in south-central Indiana, 50 miles south of Indianapolis, and is the home of Indiana University.  Indiana University, renowned for its music school, offers many opportunities for entertainment, as well as classes and employment opportunities.Bloomington is a lively city. Its weekly farmer’s market with adjoining bike and walkway  is one of the best in the nation. Don’t think flat cornfields here. Bloomington is nestled in beautiful forested hills. There are two state parks within close proximity, and the Hoosier National Forest, Deam Wilderness, and Lake Monroe, Indiana’s largest lake are nearby, offering many recreational activities.


1. How is cohousing different from a commune, a coop, and a condo?

Cohousing combines the best of all possible worlds. It builds in connectedness through its design and planning process, engaging future residents in decision-making, thus building camaraderie and strong relationships as the participants navigate conflicts and learn to make collective decisions.

It is NOT a commune, as residents don’t share income.

It is NOT a coop, as each individual or family owns their own unit.

It IS similar in structure to a condo in that residents own their own space as well as a portion of the common areas. But it is different from a condo in that major decisions are made by all residents, rather than by an elected Board.

2. What will it cost?

Best estimates at this time are that each unit will cost $130,000 – $180,000 plus maintenance. Fees for the common area likely to begin at $125 – $150 /month.

3. How are monthly fees determined?

Fees will be determined by the group. A budgeting process will determine what services will be covered and how to divide the costs among the residents.

4. Where are other successful cohousing communities located?

See The Cohousing Association for more information about other cohousing communities around the country.

5. Why would I want to join this community, rather than live in a traditional subdivision?

Our cohousing community will provide a more connected neighborhood, with shared meals and governance. You will know your neighbors, and likely share their values – looking out for one another in the community, growing with the children and elders, pooling resources to lighten our resource footprint, and feeling a part of a community where you wouldn’t hesitate to let your children play outdoors or ask another resident for a ride or a cup of sugar. You and your family will feel safe knowing your neighbors care about you and will be there to the extent you want/need them. You can enjoy your privacy, or go to a common space to read, reflect, or play your favorite musical instrument. You will not feel isolated by seeing your neighbors only when they come outside to pick up their mail or as their garage door closes behind their car.

6. What if I can’t afford to buy but would like to live there?

We have allocated up to 20% of the units for rentals. If you want to rent, join us in the planning and you can help design the community.

7. Can I design my own unit?

Yes and no. To keep costs down and stay on schedule, we have designed 3 standard footprints. There are choices that can be made prior to construction from a small group of options. If you want to customize, you can do so after you move in.

8. Is covered parking available?

Covered parking is located on the periphery of the property to increase personal interaction within the community.

9. What is my commitment if I want to participate?

There are three levels of membership (see xxxx). Each level has its own privileges and costs. Those who commit financially will be making the decisions. Lower levels have input but not a vote in the final outcome.

10. When will it be ready for occupancy?

Spring of 2016

11. How much do I have to put down and when?

We’re working on getting this information!