Planning Meeting
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Early Concept Drawings
Getting excited for actual house-design phase.
Site Plan
The site plan evolves.
Marion leads a tour of the property
Log Cabin
A cozy cabin currently on the property.
The gazebo next to the woods.

Welcome to Bloomington Cohousing, Indiana’s first cohousing community. We plan to be a community of all ages sharing the values of cooperation and caring for one another and the environment, living peacefully together, and having fun!

We are currently in the process of redesigning our website, but the Bloomington Cohousing project is moving forward quickly. We are planning to break ground in the Fall of 2018! Please join us on Facebook for all of the latest news, up-to-date meeting notices, general information. We also have a Meetup site, and you can check out Loren Wood Builder’s website for some general information on the builder.

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